So, How Big Pygmy Goat Gets Is Big Enough To Steal Your Heart

Pygmy goats are specially bred domestic goats, primarily kept as pets, and their novelty is that they are very small, weighing 50 to 70 pounds, and usually only 2 feet tall. So, when you’re wondering how big pygmy goat gets, the answer is quite small. They are however highly intelligent, and when they’re babies, they are about as cute as any animal can ever get. Their heads are overly large as are their feet, which makes them a bit clumsy growing up, but only adds to their incredible cuteness all the time. Pygmy goats are incredibly good natured and each one has a personality distinctly different from every other one, and they do make great pets.

Before you go out and buy your own cute little pygmy goat, there are few important details that you need to know. They are almost impossible to potty train, they really don’t care, but their little pellets that they drop everywhere are pretty easy to clean up, because they’re definitely hard and dry. They probably really shouldn’t be kept in a house that has carpeting, but they’re not so bad to have come visit you quite frequently in your house, for short periods of time. A rechargeable Dustbuster is a good thing to have if you really like pygmy goats. Pygmy goats will also need a fair amount of space outside to run around that is completely fenced, a fairly tall fence, as some pygmy goats know how to climb, sometimes just for fun.

Because pygmy goats tend to be food for other kinds of animals, including sometimes dogs, then your fenced enclosure will need to be made of high-quality materials, strong enough to keep predators out as well as your goats in. Pygmy goats like to sleep above the ground on small platforms, much like a shelf, as this gives them a better view of any predator on the prowl. While they are small and that’s basically how big pygmy goat get, they can be quite tough when cornered by any kind of predator animal, and even while being cute and lovable, they never turn off their radar, they are always on the alert.

If raising pygmy goats sounds like something that you want to do, you’ll want to make sure that you get good breeders to start with. Starting with healthy males, called bucks, is the first step in breeding good babies, called fawns, then make sure that you have several high-quality females as well. If raising them for pets is your goal, you’ll also want to make sure that you have both the male, and the female, with good temperaments and mild manners, this is important. If, on the other hand you’re raising the goats for their milk, it tends to be the females with the heavy coats of fur that produce the most milk.

And there you have some very sound tips if you are thinking about getting a pygmy goat for either a pet, or if you want to breed them. And how big pygmy goat get? Well once you get one you’ll see that they have the biggest little hearts of any pet you’ve ever owned.

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