How To Bathe Pygmy Goats

How To Bathe Pygmy Goats

Learn How To Bathe Pygmy Goats

Even though pygmy goats are typically thought of as a farm animal, it’s actually quite critical to their health and well-being that they receive care and grooming more like a family pet. Keep reading to learn the advantages of doing this, and just how to bathe pygmy goats too.

The first advantage of bathing any pygmy goat is that it will keep the animal smelling clean. However, it also helps to prevent ticks, fleas and other annoying pests when the correct shampoo is used. This spares both you and your goat time, stress and agony. A regular bath will also stave off the stronger scents that male goats seem to have during their mating seasons, but regular baths also seem to extend their lives and make them happier and easier to deal with.

First, make sure your goat is collared or haltered, and use a leash to restrain the goat to a fence post or tree. This is preferably in a sun-lit location. Goats are best bathed in warm temperatures on a sunny day so they do not get cold.

Get dog or horse shampoo, and combine it with warm water in a bucket. Check the bottle packaging for the appropriate amount to use. You want to put just enough in to make the water smell fresh and have suds.

Start with the back of the neck of the goat when you pour a portion of the water on your goat. Go from the base of the head and move down the entire back ending at the tail.

Start brushing the sudsy water into the goat fur. Again start at the top, this time working downward to the belly’s underside and then down the legs. Keep brushing and scrubbing until all visible suds are massaged into the fur. Using a washcloth dipped into the bucket, wash gently around the face and ears of the goat, being mindful to keep soap out of the goat’s eyes.

Dump out the bucket and then rinse it well until there are no more suds, and then refill with more warm water. Pour this water over the goat as a fur rinse. Get excess water from the fir using your hands. It might take several buckets until no suds fall from the goat.

Finish this off by towel-drying the goat. Then, give your goat a quarter of an hour in the sunlight before cutting him loose to play with other animals and enjoy his newfound smell and cleanliness.

Pygmy goats are great animals to own, even if you don’t own a full-blown farm. If you have multiple acres of land around your home, the right pygmy goat can actually dine on your unwanted weeds and shrubs and spare you from ever having to mow the lawn. Some goat owners never have to pay for food or lawn maintenance! Use what you have learned here about how to bathe pygmy goats so that yours can stay healthy and happy for many years to come.

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