Creative Goat Shelter Ideas

Goats are actually pretty easy to keep happy, and providing them with shelter can be a simple matter. The main thing to remember when brainstorming about goat shelter ideas is that your shelter for your goat(s) should be safe and sturdy. Goats are mischievous and destructive, so their homes and fencing must be able to withstand quite a bit of challenge.

Your goat shelter should have a sturdy floor that is easy to clean. It should be raised up so that water will not stand in it when it rains. It should have a sturdy roof and walls on at least three sides. It’s better if it has a half wall on the fourth side to keep the wind out in the winter.

If you just have one or two pet goats, one of the best goat shelter ideas is to use a large dog house. This can be of the wood or resin variety. You’ll want to set it up on cinder blocks to be sure water doesn’t get inside in the winter.

If you have several goats, you will probably want a little barn. There are lots of nice shed plans and pre-fab sheds that make good goat houses. You can construct your goat house of wood or metal. Avoid using materials such as shingles if the goats can access these. They will eat them, and this can cause very serious gastric distress or even death.

An all metal shed is one of the best goat shelter ideas. They are inexpensive to purchase and easy to construct. Build a wooden platform and attach your shed to the platform for sturdiness and security.

Get a rubber stall mat from your local feed and supply store and cut it to fit the floor. These mats cost about twenty dollars and are easily cut with a box cotter. This will protect your wood floor and make it easy for you to clean your goat shed.

You’ll want to put straw down on the floor to make a comfortable resting place. It should be raked out and the floor swept and aired at least once a week. The straw and goat droppings should be composted. It makes excellent garden soil.

Some people build very elaborate goat houses with porches and balconies and all sorts of fun obstacle courses. If you have the money and you are keeping your goats as pets, this is a fun thing to do. Goats are very active and curious, and they love to climb, jump and play.

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