Goats have become increasingly popular in recent years, mostly for their milk and manure. However, there are some breeds that are also popular as pets, including pygmy goats. These small goats are playful and energetic but do not require the larger space of their full sized counterparts. There are several care considerations to make certain that the animals are happy and healthy.

It is important that they have a proper diet. In addition to hay, they also require access to green grasses and shrubs. Owners need to make certain there are no poisonous plants in the area where the goats will be grazing. Providing them with some fresh fruits and vegetables will help make sure they get all of the nutrients necessary. There are also some supplements on the market that many choose to provide. A mineral lick is also necessary to keep the animals healthy. It should be kept in the shelter.

Within the shelter, the animals need to have a variety of jumping platforms. Due to their small size, it should be simple to add shelving of various heights to satisfy the needs of a pygmy goat. It is important that the platforms are strong enough to support the animals and that they are anchored to the wall. There should be enough for each goat. They do not do well as solitary animals and should have at least one companion.

They should go to the vet at least two times each year. Treatment for lice and worms will be done on these visits. There may be other shots that are necessary, depending on state and local regulations. The vet may also perform additional services depending on the health of the animal. At home, the hooves need to be trimmed approximately once each month. The owner can do this with a bit of training and practice.

There are legal requirements when owning pygmy goats. They must have their registration number tagged and/or tattooed on them. This is for their protection as well as establishing ownership. Should the animal come up missing, this is how the real owner can prove it.

If pygmy goats are going to be companion animals, it is important that they are played with each day. They will need plenty of interaction with their human family in order to become fully relaxed and comfortable in play. It will also give parents the opportunity to show the animals how to behave around small children as well as teach the children about animals.

Even if the animals are to be used for milking and meat purposes, which is less often the case with the small animal, it will still need regular interaction with humans while it is being tended.

Owning these gentle playful animals can be a great source of joy for the entire family. Proper care of them is essential to making sure they live a long and happy life. Utilizing these suggestions is a great place for prospective owners to begin their plans.

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