Nigerian Pygmy Goats

Nigerian Pygmy Goats

What You Should Know About Nigerian Pygmy Goats

This is a miniature dairy goat, coming from Western African ancestry, originally brought over to America on ships so that large cats could be fed. The survivors lived in zoos, and today the Nigerian dwarf is one of the more popular pets not only for fun, but because of the milk that they can produce. They are very easy to maintain, and despite their small stature, they produce a high amount of butterfat which can be used for cheese. They are actually registered with the ADGA, the American Goat Society and of course the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association. Let’s take a look at these cute animals, presenting some fun facts about why people own them today.

Characteristics Of Nigerian Pygmy Goats

There are quite a few reasons why people own these goats. At the withers, they are only 22 inches high on average. It is recommended that they are about 18 inches in height, though many of them will reach 23 inches. They come in many different colors including patterns like buckskin, cream, red, gold and even black and white. They may have frosting around the ears, and there are some disqualifying features that can hurt them if they are shown professionally. Some of them will have blue eyes, a very dominant trait with goats, and most are naturally horned. The most impressive aspect of these goats, however, is the incredible amount of milk that they can produce, making them a fan favorite of those that love goat milk.

Nigerian Pygmy Milk

One thing that can be said about all of these animals, despite what color they are or how tall they grow to be, is that they produce an incredible amount of milk, as much as 8 pounds of milk per day, or a gallon of milk, which is astounding for their size. Their production of milk can depend upon many things including their genetics, and how many times the Nigerian doe has freshened. They have quite a bit of butterfat in the milk, roughly 6.5%, and if they are lactating, it can be 10% or more.

How Is Their Disposition?

The disposition of these animals is actually very gentle, and you can easily train them to do many things. That is why they are so popular is pets, and they can bond very easily with humans, but it is not recommended for an adult goat to live in the house as they need to spend as much time as possible outside eating hay and running about in the pasture. You may have seen them used in hospitals to visit the elderly, or children that are sick. They can actually pull tiny carts, similar to the miniature horses, making them very popular with those that do shows or simply like to have fun with their animals.

If you are a fan of goat milk, or the cheese that can be produced, Nigerian Pygmy goats are exactly what you need. They are also fun to play with, and can produce offspring very easily, allowing you to look forward to new kids every year.

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