What Do Pygmy Goats Eat To Stay Healthy?

Pygmy goats are fun loving pets that are a joy to have around, and they are very easy to take care of. If you provide the basic necessities such as food and shelter, your pet pygmy goat will be very happy. This is why it is important to know what do pygmy goats eat, as well as provide the proper shelter, so your pet will have an enjoyable life.

Understand The Commitment

Before you bring a pygmy goat to your home, it is important that you understand the responsibility that you are undertaking. These goats have long lifespans, and they typically live to be 8 to 12 years old. However, a pygmy goat that is well cared for may live to be 15 years of age or older. Make sure that you are prepared for this type of commitment before you decide to get a pygmy goat as a pet.

Make Sure You Provide Adequate Shelter

You will also need to ensure that the enclosure or shelter that you provide for your pygmy goat has enough room so the goat will be protected from the elements, as well as have enough space to move around comfortably. If you already have an outdoor storage space or a shed, it can be used as shelter for the goat.

Your backyard should also be spacious enough so that your pygmy goat can exercise and run around freely. The backyard should have greenery such as plants and small bushes so your pygmy goat will have greens to snack on.

The fence surrounding your backyard should be secure enough to keep your goat from escaping. Cattle wire is the preferred type of fencing because it is more durable than other types of wire. Also make sure that your male goats are in a separate area from your female goats unless you are breeding pygmy goats.

What Do Pygmy Goats Eat?

Besides eating greens, you should also feed your goats at least ¼ cup of oats, corn or another type of grain two times a day. The grains should not be placed on the ground. If they are placed on the ground, the grains can become contaminated with waste. Your pygmy should also have access to a salt lick.

Grass hay is a wonderful source of vitamins, and can be given to your pygmy via a trough. By providing this type of food for your pygmy, you will ensure that your goat will have optimal health.

Keep Your Pygmy Goat Hydrated

Your goat should have access to fresh and clean water at all times. Change the water as soon as it becomes dirty or soiled, and keep the water in a bucket that sits above the ground. However, the bucket should not be out of reach for the goat.

Taking care of a pygmy goat is not complicated as long as you provide the necessities that are vital to their survival and health. When you are wondering what do pygmy goats eat, feed them a balanced and rationed diet of grains and grass hay along with plenty of fresh drinking water. This diet will keep your pygmy goat happy and healthy.

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