Nubian Goat

Nubian Goat

Raising Nubian Goats For A Profit

Nubian goats are cute and playful, but they are also very good dairy animals. Their milk can provide a fine income for those who are willing to put in the effort. Many people keep these goats as a hobby, simply because they are so much fun. If you want to realize a decent income from these animals, you will have to expand your operation and consider your goat herd a business. This includes keeping good records and maintaining a firm grip on your finances.

Health Care

To save on expenses, it is important that you learn to tend to your goats yourself. It is not difficult to provide vaccinations and do the deworming. You can even learn how to treat minor scrapes and injuries. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit near your goats’ pen and tend to common illnesses and problems yourself. This can help you minimize calls to the vet, however if one of your animals seems in distress and you are not sure of the problem, never hesitate to call the vet. If you lose an animal, it will cost you more than a vet call.

Selecting Goats

When you are first starting out, you may be able to use unregistered goats. If you are planning on breeding and selling the kids, then you will make more money if you invest in purebred, registered Nubian goats. It will certainly cost more to buy purebred goats, but their babies will bring in much more money.

If you are planning on using the goats for their milk, you may not need to spend the money for purebred animals. It is important to document the dairy production of your goats in case you should ever want to sell them. You can use one of the programs available through the American Dairy Goat Association to keep proof of milk production and good milking records. This data can help boost prices and demand for your milk.

Promoting The Business

No business is successful if no one knows it exists. Get out and promote your goats every chance you get. Attend livestock and goat shows and talk with anyone who displays interest in your goats. Carry business cards with your contact information and include photos of your animals, along with your website. Include lists of babies and products on your website, along with information to get people interested in your goats. Join goat clubs, including the International Nubian Club and work with the Future Farmer’s of America or the 4-H. These organizations help get kids involved in the farm industry and you can teach them about your goats.

Keep Costs Down

One of the most important things you can do to help control costs is to keep track of all expenses related to your business. Claim every deduction allowed by law. These include vet care, feed, electricity for waterers or fences, phone bills, fuel, fencing, and equipment. It is important that you show a profit for three of every five years.

Raising goats, especially Nubians can be a great deal of fun and turn into a profitable business. Keep good records and publicize your goats and you may be surprised at how quickly your business grows.

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