Can Pygmy Goats Live Inside?

Can Pygmy Goats Live Inside?

Many people wonder, “Can pygmy goats live inside?“. While they weigh in at a mere 55 to 75 pounds, it may be tempting to think that they would make great indoor pets. After all, there are many dog breeds that live inside and weigh in at well over 75 pounds.

However, Goats love to graze. This means that if they are kept indoors, you’re going to be spending a lot of time keeping them out of the vegetables. Goats are very clever at finding the vegetables and helping themselves to a myriad of treats that are hovering in your kitchen.

This also includes your sofa, your favorite chair, your television, all of your electronics and anything else that they decide to take a taste of.

To complicate matters even further, goats are very messy eaters and won’t hesitate to make a huge mess, naturally, they are disinclined to clean up said mess so you’re going to be spending a lot of time cleaning up after your pet goat.

While it may be easy to house train your dog or cat, a goat is an entirely different challenge and he or she won’t care where they stop to defecate or urinate. In short, you’re going to have a very messy house.

While goats can readily be trained to walk on a leash, they aren’t necessarily as cuddly as your cat or dog. They are mischievous, more so than your cat will be.

They not only climb, they also love to destroy your nice things. It’s just natural for them to trample things and destroy them. They prefer their own kind for company and may not get along well with your other household pets.

That would mean that in order to keep the peace, you not only have to have one goat inside, you also have to have two so that they can keep each other company.

Add this equation up and you have a recipe for disaster because everyone knows that if one is destructive, two will be even more destructive.

Now you’re going to be cleaning up after two messes and it can quickly become very overwhelming. to further complicate it, when your dog or cat see that the goat is doing it, guess who is going to join in and also become destructive.

Clearly, having your pygmy goats live inside is a quick recipe for disaster. Your home is going to quickly look like the inside of a barn and you’re going to be the one that is stuck cleaning it all up.

Goats are fascinating animals and they love the attention that they get from their owners, however, when someone asks you “Can pygmy goats live inside?” the quick answer is no. You’ll quickly regret such a decision and you won’t want to have to go into much more detail than, it’s simply not a wise idea to keep your pygmy goats inside, unless of course, you live in a barn, in which cases, you can allow it.

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