4 Basic Guidelines to Help You in Raising Pygmy Goats

Most individuals think that raising pygmy goats is a daunting task. They tend to consider this breed rather frail and dainty but that is really the farthest thing from what is true. Pygmy goats are just as hardy as their equivalents and despite their small size, these goats can be raised for milk, meat and fiber. Today, however, people are raising these little animals as pets. And so, helpful tips to raising pygmy goats would be essential, so here are a few basic guidelines to help you on the task.

1. Before you kick off on any breeding program, ensure that you have a good stock. Raising pygmy goats generally means breeding healthy does with the healthy bucks. For this to be successful, you would need to carefully study the potential breeders and what desirable traits they might posses. For instance, a goat with a heavy body build is excellent for meat production while a goat with a denser coat is perfect for producing large milk volumes. However, when it comes to raising these goats as pets, you will need to go for the mild-mannered ones.

2. Establish the right feeds as well as the recommended volume under the supervision of a veterinarian. Just like their equivalents, pygmy goats tend to gorge themselves when they can but overweight goats will not only be unproductive but tipping of the scales can as well affect their health significantly. For a small breed like this, adding weight can also lead to medical complications such as poor bones and constricted mastitis and lungs. If possible, keep the goats on a fresh diet of plant based foods and greens.

3. Pygmy goats would as well require more grooming than their larger family. This applies mostly if you intend to market the animals as fiber producer or as pets. Grooming involves brushing the animals coat regularly with a well bristled brush, trimming the hooves. This regularly done also keeps parasites away.

Lastly, it is of prior importance to always provide clean drinking water to your pygmy goats. If they do not have good water source, they can surfer greatly visibly causing the coats to be lank. Note that these animals can be rather fussy with their drinks and it is very unlikely for them to touch mossy or contaminated water. In some scenarios, the goats can refuse food until they get clean drinking water.

With these guidelines you can now easily engage in raising pygmy goats for whatever purpose you desire.

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