Pygmy Goats Lifespan

Pygmy Goats Lifespan

Pygmy Goats Lifespan – How Long Do They Live

A pygmy goat is simply a breed of the domestic goat that are kept at a very small size.

They are use as pets primarily, although there are people that will use their milk, and also utilize them for their ability to be working animals.

They are useful in this sense, not only for companionship, and they can adapt to virtually any type of climate.

Many of the pets are wethers, castrated males, which can be shown in pet classes along with other pedigree classes.

A common question that is often asked is how long do they live?

This article will address the pygmy goats lifespan, helping you to decide whether or not you would like to have one of these as a pet.

What Do They Look Like?

Male pygmy goats can weigh over 80 pounds, and are referred to as box.

The females are called does and can weigh up to 70 pounds or more.

They have many differing color patterns, categorized into what is called a Carmel pattern, black pattern, or agouti patterned goat.

There with her height averages between 16 inches, all the way up to 23 inches, making them the perfect size for a pet.

They actually originated in West Africa in a place called the Cameroon Valley and were imported into European and American zoos back in the 1950s.

Initially acquired by those who were doing research, they quickly gained popularity as exhibition animals and pets because of their hardy constitution, friendliness and their unique personalities.

Today, they are one of the more popular animals on farms that are just like pets, similar to dogs and their mischievous playfulness.

They also have a similar lifespan as a canine, but let’s look at how long the pygmy goats lifespan actually is if you are thinking about owning one for yourself, or getting one for your family.

How Long Do They Live?

A pygmy can live on average about 10 years, with some actually living 14 years or more.

It depends on their lifestyle, the type of food that you provide them with, and whether or not they get plenty of regular exercise with other goats.

The happiness of the goat, and the care that they are given, can extend their life, providing any family that loves pygmy goats many years of happiness.

They are always entertaining, and never aggressive, making them one of the best pets that people can have.

Even though a pygmy goat is not a traditional pet, it is most certainly one that will entertain any family that has one.

They are absolutely mischievous, and they love children, which is why you may see a couple of them on any small or large farm.

If you are lucky enough to have one, make sure that they have plenty of pasture where they can graze as much as they want.

They do eat other things including brush and vines, and during the winter Timothy hay and grass will keep them happy allowing them to live many years to come.

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