What You Need To Know About Pygmy Goat Horns

Pygmy Goat Horns

Pygmy Goat Horns

Pygmy goats are great pets, but you will probably prefer one without horns because head butting is a normal part of goat behavior, and even little pygmy goat horns can make this a dangerous proposition. You may think horns are great looking, and you may think it’s cruel to remove them, but really the smartest thing to do is purchase a hornless goat or if you have a baby goat, have it “disbudded” at the proper age. A goat with horns can do some serious damage to goats and other animals without really meaning to. It’s easy for them to get too rough while playing and end up goring somebody. You and your goat will be happier in the long run if you have the goat disbudded while it is still a kid.

If you are keeping a goat as a 4H project, it must be disbudded for participant safety. In addition to being dangerous, goats’ horns often get stuck in thing like fences, and this can cause strangling. Furthermore, horns are not really much defense against dogs or coyotes, so really a pet goat with horns is problematic in many ways.

Disbudding A Goat’s Horns Only Hurts For A Few Seconds

Having a goat disbudded is unpleasant to say the least, but it is part of your responsibility as a goat owner. It is important to carry out this task or have it done at the right time to prevent scurs, which are fragments of horn that grow sporadically throughout the life of the animal if the procedure is put off too long or performed incorrectly.

Many people think having pygmy goat horns removed is cruel, but it’s necessary for the safety of all concerned. Disbudded goats live more safely and do not injure others. They get along better with other goats, and they are better companions for people and other pets. A disbudded goat is more likely to live a long and happy life in one home than one who goes around wreaking havoc with horns. These goats often end up being sold for meat because they have injured or killed other animals.

The process of disbudding is mercifully quick. In fact, it only takes about ten seconds. The benefits of this procedure far outweigh the few seconds of pain. When disbudding is properly carried out, the goat does not suffer and happily, goats do not hold a grudge.

With Study And Practice You Can Learn The Disbudding Procedure

You can learn to do disbudding yourself. If you are very squeamish, you can seek out a vet who can disbud your goat for you using a general or local anesthetic. This will ensure that the job is done properly, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Regardless of who does the procedure, it is imperative that that person know how to do it properly. When pygmy goat horns are improperly removed, it causes scurs and this can be very painful for the goat.

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