Lamancha Goats

Lamancha Goats

An Overview Of Lamancha Goats

If you would like to get into goat breeding, or do shows with a goat of your very own, LaMancha goats are fast becoming one of the most popular breeds because of their very unique and distinctive appearance. They are a formally recognize breed, a dairy goat by trade, and were first bred in the state of Oregon. They are a member of Capra genus, like all domestic goats, yet they are the most distinctive goat in this breed. They are easily recognizable for many reasons. They have very short years, they are one of the highest producing milk producers, and are capable of producing high butterfat content in their milk. Here’s an overview of these goats, going into a little more detail, a breed that you will definitely enjoy raising.

Why Lamancha Goats Are Unique

These goats are unique for a variety of reasons. When they were initially gaining recognition as a specific distinct breed in the 1950s, it was because of their short years. Referred to as both LaMancha or American, and is the only breed ever developed in the United States. One of the reasons they are referred to as the American LaMancha is that the ADGA believes that they are mostly LaMancha, yet there are different genetics at play when compared to purebred goats. One of the most unique aspects about the goats, which can appear in any color that a goat can, is the distinct gopher ears. They can be long or short, and they have a smooth appearance on their head, with elf type years that are a little longer. Here is a little more information about their heritage and ancestral bloodlines that may motivate you to purchase a few for yourself.

Ancestral Bloodlines

Another unique aspect of these goats is that the exact ancestral heritage of them is not known, although there are references to short eared goats going back to Persia. In Spain there were earless goats, shown at the world’s fair back in 1904, so they may actually originate from one of those. They are thought to have come with the Spanish missionaries who came to colonize California and needed to have a form of meat and milk production. These goats were very similar, even referred to as monkeys, whereas others called them freaks. Today, as a result of Mrs. Frey and her efforts to make this breed official, they are now shown as the LaMancha goat breed.

If you would like to breed goats for the sole purpose of producing buttermilk, cheese, or to do so for meat, the LaMancha goat is a great place to begin because of the distinctive flavor of the meat, and the incredible production of milk that they can produce. For those that would prefer having them as a pet, this is also possible, especially for those that would prefer not thinking about eating them, but showing them around the nation. They are a beautiful animal, unique in their own way, and should be considered by anyone serious about raising goats.

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