How To Milk Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goat milk? Oh no! that taste cannot leave your mouth. Pygmy milk is so delicious that you may not even wipe or brush your teeth for a whole week. If you have never tried it then it might be good for you to do so immediately. Pygmy goat milk is irresistible anyway. At the peak of their lactation, a doe will clock 2 or 3 gallons of milk per day. Butter content in this milk is high which is good news to those who want to keep the milk in the fridge as the flavor is maintained longer than in other types of milk. However do you know how to milk pygmy goats?

To start milking take away the kids as soon as they are given birth to. Breed two does so that you can get a steady supply of goat milk throughout the ear. Production increases for two months then there is a decrease of milk. Milk twelve hours apart for two times a day. If milk is in the udder for 18 hours then the milk producing cells will shut out. This means that he milk supply is cut out and you may never be able to get milk again.

First of all take the feeder to where you will milk the goat and put at last one pound of grain. Be careful not to put more than that as it may lead to bloat. Secondly make sure other goats are not around the milking stand to avoid other goats disturbing the milking goat. Take warm water in a clean cloth and use it to wipe the udder. This is to remove loose hair from the udder and to relax h goat which makes the goat produce oxytocin the feel good hormone.

Put the milking bucket in front of the udder slightly and go strain to the teats. Use your thumb and forefinger to milk. Wrap these fingers a little tighter until you feel them become full of milk around our fingers. Do not be too tight as pain will make the goat move and maybe step into the milking bucket. The goats’ teats are a bit harder than cow teats. His means that before you get used to milking the pygmy goat, you will alternate with someone or take small breaks to avoid hurting your fingers. Relax that tight grip only when you reach the base of the teats. Remember to keep the grip tight to ensure milk falls into the bucket and not the ground. That is how to milk pygmy goats.

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