How To Build Pygmy Goat House That Will Be The Envy Of The Farm

When you bring a goat onto your property, you have to give it some form of shelter. While goats are rather resilient animals they are not oblivious to weather. Extreme heat or cold, can be deadly to your new farm friend.

Don’t get into too much of a fret, because a goat house isn’t going to take much time or money to create. If you are creative enough, you can even do it for free. This article is deigned to show you how to build goat house quickly and cheaply.

One of the first things you need to think about and most importantly, is where you are going to place the goat house. An area that is flat, shady and doesn’t flood will be the optimal spot. Stay away from the fence, as goats love to climb on top of their houses and jump.

If you are looking for the easiest way on how to build goat house, this is it. You are going to make a three sided shelter out of used pallets. You can check with any retail store for pallets that they are throwing away.

You will need to buy some two by fours to create a basic shell for your goats new home. Once you have the frame setup, you can cover it with the used pallet wood. Buy some cheap tin for the roof, or find some at a salvage yard.

This type of shelter doesn’t need flooring or a door. If you are using a dirt floor, make sure to cover it with plenty of bedding to keep your goats warm in the winter. You can make it as large as you need be. Although, in my experience your shelter shouldn’t try to house more than four goats at a time.

If you think your construction skills are lacking to create something like this. You can easily buy a simple dog run or pen, and place a tarp over it. Depending on the size of your goat, you can even include a dog house for them to sleep in.

A few tips to consider when you build your first goat house. Stay away from using plastic in your construction, it is too tempting for your goats not to chew on. You want to wrap the corners of your building with chicken wire, so those don’t get chewed on. And if you plan on using electricity or lighting in your goat’s house, be sure those are properly secured. Why? You guessed it, because those can be chewed on. And that is something you don’t want to have to walk into!

So take your time and do some planning. Create a house for your goat that will be safe, enjoyable, and even stylish! Follow our tips on how to build goat house, and your hoofed friend will be rather happy.

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