Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets

Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets

Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets? What You Should Know If You Are Considering Getting A Pygmy Goat

Do pygmy goats make good pets? Well, that may be the question you are asking if you are considering getting this intriguing and demure cousin of the standard domestic goat. However, these animals actually do make good pets. They are friendly, fun and easy to care for.

Basic Information About Pygmy Goats

When considering whether or not to get a pygmy goat for a pet, you should first think about the ideal environment for a pygmy. Obviously, they are not the best urban dwellers, but they can live happily in a garden in a suburban area.

The females are called nannies or does, and the males are called bucks. One of the differences between pygmy goats and standard domestic goats is that domestic goats are considered utility goats. This means that they are bred and raised for milk and sometimes for food.

On the other hand, when wondering do pygmy goats make good pets, they are often kept purely for the entertainment and amusement they provide. Because they are herding animals, you should consider purchasing two at one time. In fact, some breeders only sell them in pairs. They enjoy human contact and contact with other animals.


As previously stated, you will need space in order to keep your pygmy goat happy. They enjoy being outside so they can roam when they want and eat when they are ready. It is common for goats to graze and drink throughout the day. If they come into your home, do not be surprised if they decide they want to taste everything, including your furniture or your electronics.

When outside, make sure that they are fenced in with at least fencing that is at least 4 feet high. Also bear in mind that certain plants are poisonous to goats, so make sure they do not come into contact with:

• Firs
• Laburnum
• Rhododendron

For regular meals, you should feed the goats feed especially formulated for goats. This can be purchased from feed stores, pet stores and even some hardware stores. Vegetables and fruits should be given to pygmy goats as treats.


However, they can safely stay outside as long as they have the proper shelter. The shelter should measure no more than 8ft by 6ft. These measurements are enough for two pygmy goats. The shelter should also contain enough hay, at least two weeks’ worth.


One of the most difficult tasks you will have as a pygmy goat owner is trying housebreaking the animals. Because they constantly drink and eat during the day, they also relieve themselves during the day. Although you may be able to train them not to urinate everywhere, it will be more challenging to teach them to not defecate everywhere. This is why it is best to build a sturdy shelter for them outside.

How To Get Started

You will need to be prepared to care for the goats for at least 10 years, so be sure you are ready to handle the commitment. It does not cost a lot to feed them, and a 40 pound bag of food can last up to two months. They will need to be fed twice a day so keep this in mind when you are planning to take a trip or go on vacation.

So, do pygmy goats make good pets? The answer is yes. If you properly prepare in advance and are mindful of their needs, they make fun and entertaining pets.

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