Do Baby Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets?

The Origin Of Pygmy Goats

Are you thinking about adopting a new pet? Baby pygmy goats are becoming a popular pet. These animals make great companions and they are absolutely adorable. If you are thinking about adopting a pygmy goat, you need to go over the following article.
Pygmy goats are basically miniature domesticated goats. They are kept as pets in most cases but it is possible to use them to get milk. Pygmy goats can easily adapt to a variety of climates but make sure your animal has access to shelter if you live in an area where the weather can get extreme. Baby pygmy goats might have to be kept inside the house during the colder winter months.
Pygmy goats mostly eat greens and grains. If you have a large property, you should let your goat graze and enrich their diet with grains on a regular basis. If you do not have enough room for your pygmy goat to forage for food, you can feed them various types of greens such as plants or vegetables. They should always have access to fresh water.
Baby pygmy goats can be adopted once they reach eight weeks of age. If you adopt a younger animal, you will have to bottle feed it. Once your pygmy goat is ten weeks old, you should start a parasite treatment program. Just like any other domestic animals, pygmy goats should be taken to a vet on a regular basis.
Pygmy goats are very social animals and need company. If possible, adopt two pygmy goats so they can keep each other company. Pygmy goats get along well with other animals and make great companions for a sheep or a pony. Adopting a pygmy goat is not a good option if you don’t have enough room to provide your pygmy goat with a companion.
Even though pygmy goats are small, they have amazing climbing abilities. They are happier if they can climb on a few things on your property. You should however make sure that they won’t be tempted to climb on something that could be dangerous. Pygmy goats can for instance climb on cars, which could cause some damages to your vehicle.
Pygmy goats are great pets for children since they are very playful. They can even be trained if you have enough time but keep in mind that training a pygmy goat requires a lot of work and dedication. You won’t have to worry about your new pet becoming aggressive as long as you treat it with respect.
If you decide to adopt more than one pygmy goat, have them castrated. Pygmy goats become fertile at a very early age and there have been case of female pygmy goats conceiving at only two months of age. If you want to adopt pygmy goats to have a supply of milk, you will have to breed them on a regular basis.
Adopting a young pygmy goat is a wonderful experience if you have enough room for this energetic animal. You should do more research on pygmy goats to make sure they are the ideal pet for your family.

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